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Relude… is NOT DEAD!

relude will be finally open to everyone! on feb 1 stay tuned!

inactivity.. wait what?!

i been a little inactive working in a mobiles disco server and now its done! you can test it out!

you can register and play! some features are buggy

Everybody Votes channel is out! Check it out!

Since the Riiconnect24 Server started dev this channel they just got a error, then someone helped them to fix it
now some months later the channel is working again
their first poll is Wich do you prefer on your clothes?
see now the tutorial to how to install it at Wii Guide Page

Komero Hotel Progress

News about Komero hotel (proyect relude)

-public rooms (90%)

-Public bots (100%)

-battleball (99%)

-snowstorm (35%)

-Wobble squabble (100%)

-Lido (100%)

-infobus (100%)

-Private rooms (0%) (will implemented at last)

Relude screenshot!: Continued

Hello! im happy to say relude now has fully working Battleball with powerups! here take a look!

Relude Screenshot!

Hello i was talking with the relude dev and he give me this screenshot in the welcome lounge in the relude proyect!

Bots have been added but they only walk for now 

bots have Motto and names like they had in Habbo hotel i think they are the same

Something big is coming up!

Something big is coming soon!

yeah its the proyect Relude For Emulate habbo v23

its progress its going well

its goals:

-battleball rebound + Powerups (X)

-Snowstorm (X)

-Gamehalls (X)

-wobble squabble (X)

-Lido (X)

-Infobus (X)

-all publics rooms FUSE broadcast

-Trax and Jukebox


-Room Queques (X)


It progress:


-Habbo club


-Habbo messenger (80%)

-events windows (90%)

-Rooms (50%) ( can even walk around and even sit on publics rooms)


More information coming soon


Puomi future features maybe?

the other day i was in puomi and i started to read feedback notes and this is what i found

so maybe the Battle ball and the snowstorm! will return


Mobiles disco the game that time forgot

Mobiles disco was a Chat room where you was able to meet people around the worldImagen relacionada

this game was so popular, in the 2000 there was a protest in the game to stop the racism.

Resultado de imagen para Mobiles disco

the game fusioned with lumisota to form Proyect goldishResultado de imagen para hotelli kultakala

proyect goldfish was called Hotelli Kultakala (Hotel Goldfish)

Mobiles disco closed but lumisota no, lumisota after a time closed,

now talking in the present, mobiles disco have download servers

but these servers wont work now

Resultado de imagen para Mobiles disco

mobiles disco have missing features like furniture, Mariit (the waitress bot) Fuctions and more…

we can say mobiles disco is complety dead

Lumisota Big Update

Hey Lumisota is Completed and working yay! see my gameplay