January 16, 2018 + I’m back!

Hey everyone!

I am back from my little break and I got a new feature for everyone!

2FA Authentication

I have added the ability to allow Two Factor Authentication to Escargot Spaces. This is a good way to help protect your account if you don’t want anyone to access it without your permission and it helps add a second way to guard your account.


1. Go to the Escargot Spaces dashboard and click on “Two Factor Auth”.

2. Download Google Authenticator for iOS or Google Play and press the + and click on “Scan a Barcode”

3. Click on Enabled and Save Changes, afer that, take a picture of the barcode you see on the page on your phone

4. Reload and MAKE SURE the 2FA number matches on both your phone and the website BEFORE logging out.

5. Now when you login, you should see this prompt. When you do, open Google Authenticator and type in the code. The codes do expire every minute, so be pretty prompt when typing it in.

Any updates on “Live”?

Not yet, but when there is a development, we will let you know.

Other News

I will start to work on ads to promote this website, these will be shown when drafts of those are done.

Thank you everyone for your support.


~ Michael

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  1. Swag Swag says:

    WLM address, Michael?

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