My retrospective as owner (Michael Power)

I just wanted to say a few words to pretty much… say goodbye to regular admin operations of Spaces.

I never expected this website to get over 100 users and websites. I thought I would get 10 – 20 people at best. The Escargot community really helped make the website what it is. From the theme by Nintel, to Megadeth joing the admin team at the end of the year to try and get a new look going for you guys. If it wasn’t for this community, I think we would still be using the Twenty Seventeen theme. 

I remember the time the site went down for the first time ever. God, it was both fun and stressful for me. The community definitely softened the blow with the memes that were made from it.

Unforunately, work got to me so I couldn’t really work on Spaces like I did in the past. Unfortunately, this was also one of the reasons why the other two Spaces downtimes took a long time to get back up and why the WordPress dashboard bug was never fixed.

Developing Spaces from the start has been an honour for me. Doing something for the community is something I always have loved, and I am sorry if I ever failed you guys throughout the lifetime of Spaces.

And now, I leave you with a very beautiful song. Thank you all for using Escargot Spaces and I wish 45gratest luck with improving this site. Please read his post below. I love you all. <3


~ Michael



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