The new Space creation issue has been fixed. But with some caveats though.

After backing up and recreating the database along with “reinstalling” WordPress and creating a test Space, I can safely say that the new Space creation issue has been fixed! 😀


However, the software I used to backup the database (MySQL Workbench; phpMyAdmin wasn’t cooperating when I tried to export it from there) seems to have screwed up a bunch of special characters in it, destroying some Space names and blog titles, and I hope to see a fix for that in the future. Also, the dashboard bug still seems to appear, so I can still conclude that it’s most likely a conflicting plugin problem.


So if you have a Space and/or blogs with titles that might meet that criteria, I’ll most likely fix it for you, but if otherwise, go ahead and fix it.


I’m sorry for the small inconvenience. 🙂


~ 45gratest

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