Back after 4 months of being locked out, and considering migration to a more powerful infrastructure.

To put a 4 month-long story short, I got locked out of my administrator account because I didn’t remember to store the password for it and forgot as time progressed, and trying to reset my password did jack squat, since something was preventing WordPress (the core backend for Escargot Spaces at the moment) from sending emails. But I found a way to hack the password right in the database, and now I’m back! 😀


As for whatever was blocking WordPress from sending emails, it was actually a configuration issue with the Google account link Michael set up so that our emails won’t be marked as spam. Re-authenticating the account with the site did the trick, and now emails should be working like normal again.


Now at this point, this means looking into the dashboard bug again, and I do plan to continue investigating that problem, assuming that I don’t switch to a custom backend. However, I’ve been considering ditching GoDaddy for hosting and moving to a VPS or a dedicated server, especially considering the issues I’ve had with setting certain aspects of Escargot Spaces up and the quirks it has introduced to me as a webmaster. With a VPS/dedicated server, I have more control over how the server works and less worries about restrictions that would more or less ruin the experience for everyone. There’s also room for possibilities that would be next to impossible to make real on a shared server environment, like the planned integration of the Escargot service with Escargot Spaces for existing accounts to have access, alongside plans for reimplementing Spaces features into MSN, like Gleams and contact cards. When I feel like I’m ready to switch, I’ll negotiate everything with Michael Power. 🙂


Hope everyone has a good day/afternoon/night.


~ 45gratest (pronounced 45-grate-street, folks. :p)

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