Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (+ Updates on the site)

Been a while, hasn’t it?


First of all, I’d like to start off by wishing everyone a belated Christmas and a somewhat late New Year. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. 🙂


Second off, I’d like to apologize for the inactivity in moderation. Moderating a ghost town like Spaces gets really uninteresting after a while, and afterwards I just left it for dead while doing other things, both IRL and MessengerGeek (I don’t have any other communities nor do I do anything else on the internet anymore TBH). When I came back to check on everything, I wasn’t surprised to see a few new user and site registrations (mostly empty, mind you). However, I was surprised to see a few cases of splogs pop up on the site, considering that hasn’t happened to Spaces before. Luckily, it was minor, and I got the matter resolved within minutes.


That aside, I want to be more active in moderating this site and be a little more devoted to rolling out things. Especially since I’m thinking more and more of making Escargot Spaces use a custom backend + frontend to remove the inconsistencies and limitations of having an all-customized WordPress mutlisite service (and to also expand the possibilities of Escargot integration). I also want to find ways to generate more interest for Spaces, primarily by making it a bit more unique than its original incarnation and make it appeal to people outside of Escargot. The latter I’ll try to expand on later when I have time.


As for my personal blog, if I can muster up confidence to start using something as simple as Google for exploring my interests again (you can blame the flashy, trendy, and all-too-bouncy atmosphere of YouTube and the internet in general for ruining it for me lol), then maybe it could be updated once in a while. 😛


Anyways, see you guys soon.

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