Butterfly Spaces – coming soon

Recently, word has gone around that after Escargot’s latest updates are deployed, it will reach its new goal of becoming a chat server that allows many protocols and messaging technologies to work under one global system, meaning all frontends have equal access to each other. This means that as soon as that becomes reality, Escargot will be stripped of any MSN-specific association. This also means that Escargot Spaces as a name for this site will become obsolete and foreign to most people (it also means no integration with Escargot anymore, which is disappointing). That’s why we’re planning to change our name to Butterfly Spaces. Still MSN-related, and it has a nice ring to it. 🙂


Considering the recently unpredictable nature of Escargot’s progress, we can’t pinpoint an exact date we’ll rebrand, but as soon as it’s confirmed that the changes to the Escargot server will be put into place, we’ll unveil the new generation of Escargot Spaces – Butterfly Spaces. We hope to see you then. 😀


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  1. solitonmedic says:

    Rad! Hope to see this become a reality soon!

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