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About me

So, Hello!!

This is my personal blog, here you´ll “know me”, but what can I say to the people of the Internet so they can know me??…

Well starting with the basics I’m a twenty something female Mexican, speak Spanish and English (obviously) and currently studying japanese. I´m always struggling choosing which language use in Internet, but normally I stuck to English cuz it looks like it´s the most used, but Spanish is a lot easier to me.

My name is Alejandra and people call me by different forms of it, I like all: Ale, Alex, Alita, Alecita, Alis,etc. But I always used the username Akuix (I liked to think that it was unike, so I was unike), and if you google that the first (like 5) pages that appears are mine, but I create it/think of it when I was like 12 so I have a love/hate relationship whit it.

I´m currently trying to make friends cuz I kinda lose contact with the people I used to chat on Internet. I´m a huge fangirl of a lot of things, anime, cartoons, games, movies, etc. So I’m going to make another page with a list of it, so anyone can feel free to talk with me about those things.

This is more or less to the people who use escargot messenger so you can chant whit me as  Akuix_ju@hotmail.com

I dunno what else write here so here are my other social media (I only realy use tumblr and sometimes Facebook):