Admin bar is working again!

So, now the @administrator OhHelloThereI’mTheGuy fixed admin bar, that was basically the problem that killed Escargot Spaces during a long time, but that now is fixed totally, so now i write and post this to say, that we’re doing good here, and i feel that we’re going to more and more and more, Escargot Spaces has a good future, i know it.


So, Leo_Historias no more :D

Leo Historias will not disturb the MessengerGeek forum before January 6, but we know that if Leo disturbs the forum again, he will be banned

So the forum will be stable again, but only if the mental damage caused by Leo to Megadeth58 is not permanent, because if is permanent, we will have a second Leo, and we don’t want that

Uff, i have a bunch of time without posting anything on my Escargot Space, but well, this is only a post to stop the inactivity of the Blog, i will see if i can do more posts

If anyone wants to add me in Messenger, feel free and do it : urdanetaa19@gmail.com


[EDIT: DOMAIN NAME CHANGED] HowToEscargot.ml Website was launched!

HowtoEscargot.ml is a website that i created, using KompoZer, i already explained about KompoZer here: http://wink.messengergeek.com/t/how-to-create-websites-easily-and-without-knowings-of-programming-free-without-premium/1692/1 well, this webpage looks bad, but i created it fast, so that’s the reason why looks bad, i created this website for publishing it in Forums, Blogs, etc. For making the people know about Escargot more easily, in some forums like mb.srb2.org if you do a thread about Escargot, the Moderators will delete your thread for “Advertising” so you only need to put the link in your signature, and that’s it! in a thread you cannot, but in your signature you can do it!,

If anyone wants to contact with me, do it via MSN Messenger: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

I don’t know what i can post

I’m bored, so i want to create a post here, but i don’t have any idea, please people, tell me in the comments what i can post!

If anyone wants to contact me, do it via MSN Messenger: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

old Yahoo! Messenger Server Suggestion

The actual Yahoo! Messenger sucks like Skype, is bad, heavy and sloooooow, we need to create a old Yahoo! Messenger server, to be a Escargot MSN Messenger server partner, this is really needed.

If anyone wants to talk with me, contact me in MSN Messenger: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

2013-? Simple Era

The simple era, before the 2013 was the Modern Era, the logos and designs, web and program designs are modern, after 2013, all the designs was simple, one example:

Before Simple Era: The logo has a modern appereance, with shadows and bright

Simple Era: The logo is more simple, does not have shadow or bright

And this is only one of the examples, other thing of the simple era, the only thing that is not simple is: the RAM consuming, and the weight, one program before the simple era can consum 100MB of Ram and 500 MB of Hard Drive, after the simple era one program can consum 1GB of Ram and 3GB of Space in Hard Drive!

This era is a shit, nothing modern, Skype shit and RAM consuming, Windows XP is now treating it like trash, Chrome does not have XP support, and other many programs, and XP is used by at least more than a million of people.

Something that i think

Hi, this is about the Messenger Games, i think that the devs need not only get back the old games but create new games for Messenger.

Escargot is a great project, now the project does not advance because valtron is on vacation, but…. Valtron will be back one day, and that day can be a great day for Escargot.

And, Escargot needs to be more original, i have a little idea, create a Plug-In program for a “musical” chat on Escargot, one user put a .mp3 or a .wav file on the Plug-In and the entire chat listen the music.

But here is a problem….. We don’t have the source code for Messenger, Microsoft has the source code, Microsoft does not uses it (for obvious reasons :v) but has it.