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Royal Review: The Office Pool and Days of Our Lives Solitaire

This is the second of three reviews. You can read the first one here;

Royal Review: The Biggest Loser and 30 Rock: The Boardroom

and the last review will reveal the theme of these reviews; it’ll also be about the Deal or No Deal game, so there’s that.

This one is about the two less notable games; The Office Pool, and Days of our Lives Solitaire.

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Royal Review: Reviews rescheduled


We interrupt your bi-weekly scheduled King shit for an important-ish announcement

So you know how I couldn’t find Luxor right, well DeathKnight#4254 on the Sphere Matchers discord found it

on a fucking Chinese website

Yeah bit stupid of me to not check foreign websites of all places eh, it was called “Egypt Zuma”

Anyways since I did a stupid and didn’t get the review done, like, at all during the 2 weeks, I’m going to reschedule the next 3 reviews for the end of the week:

The Office Pool, Days of our Lives Solitaire: 12/11

Deal or No Deal: 12/18

Spider King Christmas Edition: 12/25

Anyways yea I’m done

Royal Review: The Biggest Loser and 30 Rock: The Boardroom

The Biggest Loser Game

EDIT: Removed extra “I will admit”

Oh look, I’m starting to review things with a theme. There will be another two reviews after this;

  • The Office Pool and Days of Our Lives Solitaire
  • Deal Or No Deal

and of course, I save the arguably best for last, it was one of the more valuable licenses after all 😉

See if you can guess what the theme is in the comments, it will be revealed in the final review 🙂

Big Fat Introduction

On September 14th, 2007, the Fool’s blog announced that a new game called Kalorie King was coming to Royalgames, then known as

People in the US couldn’t play it.

I don’t have any timeframe for this, but I suspect it was around late 2007 (of course, Kalorie King was released Q3 2007 after all) or early 2008 when King got the license for The Biggest Loser, which made it possible for King to release Kalorie King in the US under a license. Web Archive has the earliest archive in 2009, but the earliest mention of Kalorie King being called The Biggest Loser is on March 30th, 2008.

Play a game of Biggest Loser!

I will also be reviewing a variant of Firefly Fantasies.

Firefly Fantasies was released on August 21st, 2009, to bug reports of none of the symbols being active to the jackpot cup being held not being joinable.

They never had it under a brand, though…or did they?

30 Rock: The Boardroom was a game I originally thought was completely original. I couldn’t find any unbranded version on Royalgames, after all, so it has to be original!

…hahahaHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAIt was Firefly Fantasies but with a 30 Rock license.

But of course, King removed it with Football Star, Klick Klack & Turn, and Scrabble Zing, along with many others on July 15th, 2013.


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Royal Review: Dice King Solo

So surprisingly, when I mentioned King things earlier, I wasn’t just talking about updates and me rambling about discoveries like I’m assholishkirk but for King (and as I’ve been 10 times less competent than him, that analogy barely holds up). I’ve felt like writing actual reviews for some of the games (which I have done for the Guitar Hero mobile games, see the forum for what I mean). This is probably gonna hurt, but whatever, here I go.


Dice King Solo Review


Dice King Solo is basically a single-player version of the King game Dice King. If you don’t know what Dice King is, it’s basically a Yahtzee-ish game (in fact, the original name of it was Yatzy) where you compete against up to 3 other people to try to get the highest score.

…so yeah, basically just an online version of Yahtzee. I’ve played it around 7 times, and it was rather fun. However, what if you’re anti-social (like me), don’t have any friends (also like me), and want to play Yahtzee by yourself and not with strangers (also like me)?

Well, if you want that, why are you looking at a King game? You could easily play versions online that are longer based and not timed.

If you want a quick time waster if you’re bored, though, it’s perfect for that.

You should also know this game is only playable in Germany and Spain, as Yahtzee is more of a game of luck and not a game of skill, and online luck games aren’t entirely the greatest if you have one on a “skill gaming” website like King. I might post the SWF sometime; it runs mostly fine in a projector, with only the introduction text missing and the personal high scores messed up.

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Probably going to post miscellaneous shit here, stories from my school every now and then


Also King shit