★ Badlands ★

We Are The New Americana

“We came to the Badlands trying to find some hope, but what we’ve got is a hopeless lie�

The Ending Is The Same Every Damn Time

“Happy endings only exist in fairy tales“

This City Is Disgusting

“I came to the Badlands trying to escape from reality and live in happiness, but I’m starting to realise that it’s only another disgusting place�

There is no love in the Badlands

You can trust anyone here, even if you love them

Looks can deceive.

“Badlands, the place of hope were nightmares hide�

We See What We Want

“In the Badlands, we see what we want. Dreams can become our worst nightmares�

Lost In Badlands

“The Badlands aren’t as good as they made us believe. Now we can’t leave them�

All We Do Is Drive

“We’re driving into the Badlands, a place with no rules, no religion and no escape�.

Is There Somewhere?

“You told me this is right where it begins, but your lips hang heavy underneath me and I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me”

Waking Up Into Reality

“You grow up oblivious of shelter and one day the evil reality hits you square between the eyes, like a perfectly aimed bullet.

If this were a movie, I would ride off in a blood red sunset down a stretch of desert into the wasteland that keeps us captivate… But this isn’t a movie…

These are the badlands�