Cave's Space A place to chat, hangout, or chill! I'm also 15, but I'm friendly and I'm open to many discussions, don't be shy!
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    Hi, I’m Cave and I’m a Friendly & Chill dude, I love video games from the Atari-2600 to the PS4/XBOX One/PC, I love new and old tech, and finally, I like Chatting with other people on an abundance of topics.

    The first computer I ever used was In either 2005 or 2006 when my grandma got a new E-Machine computer, and I have so many memories from that computer. Thanks to the pc, I got to see sites like Google, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Roblox, etc. evolve over the years. I later got a Pc of my own from a friend of my dad’s and it was a decent gaming pc for the early 2k’s but later died due to a fried GPU. The first Pc video game I’ve ever played was the original CD version of Half-Life and It was awesome, and I loved playing It on the best Operating System ever (In my opinion) Windows XP! When I got my very own Pc (the one mentioned earlier) I played the sequel to Half-Life….. Half-Life 2! Half-Life 2 Is my favorite video game ever and It was my first rated M video game as well, I played through that game as much as I could in 4th grade. I later found that my second all-time favorite video was Fallout 3 and I loved everything about It, but It couldn’t top Half-Life 2.

    Anyways, as you can tell I’m not over the age of 22, but I am 15 and don’t be shy to talk to me, I’m friendly and normally chill (Unless I’ve had a bad day). I’m open to all sorts of discussions with people and I can’t wait to make a few friends on here If anyone wants too.

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