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oml i need to update this more.

I did another website update thing, so that’s cool. B)

Hello World. I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time. I hope I can post stuff here more often.


eyy lmao i did that really cool big update thing, not the old one, but the new one

Everything is wrong.

Ranting about Escargot Spaces

It’s so hard to do anything on Escargot Spaces now. It took me 15 minutes just to figure out that the website doesn’t work with HTTPS well anymore. It worked just fine a week ago, but now everything is pumped with “secure connections” which don’t even work. It’s probably just my computer though.

Website Redesign

I’m working on another website redesign, due to me not wanting to update the recent site. Here’s a little screenshot:

Website Redesign Screenshot

Cool right? No? Too bad, that’s what you’re going to get in a few days.

Soundcloud is cool sometimes.

I was on the bus going to school when it dawned on me, “I WANT TO LISTEN TO MOOSIC”. I went onto my old Soundcloud account and made a short playlist. I deleted them both because they were dumb. Then I made a new playlist on my new account and I’ve been adding songs to it for the last 2 days, its pretty cool.

I’m tired of school already.

I’m only a week in and I’m sick and tired of these fake ass students, dumb ass teachers, and especially the ass backwards school design. Almost every single class that I have is upstairs, and so is my locker, but my electives are downstairs. I have to run as fast as I can to get there early. I’M VERY ANGRY. >:(

Hurricanes n’ shit.

There are 3 hurricanes running around the US right now, and I’m very spooked about it. Don’t be surprised if I don’t update anything forever out of nowhere.

What's the difference between Flordia and the lost city of Atlantis? About 3 days. XDXD

Thanks, OwlMan.

I’m tired and sad.

I’ve been feeling like shit ever since school started. I’ve never want to die more. Of course I’m exaggerating, but you get the point.

i want to die but i don't know why

The End

That’s it for today, tune in next time when I put up a poll with the question “Should I delete my website?”


I forgot to add crap here again, sorry ’bout that. I just want to say that I’ve updated the site. Complete redesign. It’s now a 90s website thing that you would see on OpenBooks.I put the 2 together when I was working on it and was too lazy to change it, so I didn’t plagiarize. ? (ctrl + u)

I was watching the “DVD/ VHS/ Laserdisc Collection 2016” from Cinemassacre  and now I really want to do something really cool, but I have nothing that I want to do so I won’t do anything. ?

Jake Paul dropped a “dis-track” onto himself. Gotta say, a really good choice.? Then he told the “Jake Paulers” to make fun of him even more, which is also a good choice. Maybe while the “Jake Paulers” are writing the “dis-tracks” they will come to realize that Jake is a douche pizza face that should’ve died on the Titanic that we all called Vine.

OwlMan made a “meme” that originated from Spriteclad leaving Neocities. Not only were the reasons that SC left Neocities were dumb (aka having to drag and drop files and not bothering to contact Kyle Drake to maybe revise it) but the way he explained it was really dumb. So OwlMan made an article and then many other people followed in their footsteps.

I got a YouTube channel, so that’s neat. I’ll post a OwlMan’s site review. It’s going to be as bad as you expect.

Also see “Did I make a meme + Other Things”
Also see “WhY aRe PeOpLe LeAvInG nEoCiTieS?!”


Back in time I think.

I made a kinda redesign. The “box” divs were really dumb so I got rid of them, and I got rid of the “copy.js” file, which put a “copywrong” message at the bottom of the page, which was dumb.

Then I changed the colors. Links, the navigation bar, the background, the splash screen, and other things. Also I changed the splash screen, cool right? Now it’s almost pure text!

Now my website looks like my old “Design Choices” one, which is pretty weird to think about, but I guess it looks nice so I won’t change it anytime soon.



Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I was too busy eating all of that pussy. Nah, I was working on a dumb Scratch animation. Here it is, by the way. So how was everyone’s days I guess? You know that eclipse that happened, right? For us down here, it was only a partial eclipse, while everyone got a total eclipse. >:(

Also Nintel (the dude who broke down and deleted his site) came back (to the Neocities Discord Server) n’ stuff. That’s pretty lit, fam squad. IN OTHER NEWS: Spriteclad’s site was updated to say “Chill Out”, and it was a day after OwlMan made fun of him. Coincidence? Maybe, I don’t know.

That’s basically it, see you later scrubs.

WhY aRe PeOpLe LeAvInG nEoCiTieS?!

This is clearly poking fun at Spriteclad leaving. Right? I’m just going to say, Spriteclad is dumb, OpenBooks is a “feminazi”, and everyone from the Network Neighborhood is an asshole who should be actually doing something with their lives other than naming their Twitter “dead, goth & beyond ?”. Hint, hint, OpenBooks.

It’s funny that she/he/it said that Neocities isn’t a Geocities alternative and said that Neocities isn’t the place for the 90s websites, but 5 months later, guess what he/she/it did? He/she/it filled her/his/it’s website with shitty Geocities graphics. What’s that called? Oh yeah, a hypocrite.

Spriteclad left Neocities because the community was “too toxic” for him, also because he didn’t like dragging and dropping files. Sure, I agree, it does suck, but that doesn’t mean you have to start drama and leave Neocities because of it! Dipshit.

Weirdo poses with a very obvious beauty filter on.

Pictured: Weirdo poses with a very obvious beauty filter on.
Remember to punch a Nazi in the face.

A nice redesign.

I thought my website looked good when I first put it out, then people started hotlinking my stuff. The “stuff” was meant to have really small width, but then people started linking the files and it looked really dumb. UNTIL TODAY! I have redesigned my website and now it doesn’t look like shit. 🙂

The Grand ReOpening

Hi, totally didn’t forget about it for 2 months.
Ok, you caught me. This blog has been dead, UNTIL TODAY! I’ll be posting everything here instead of my website blog. Cool, right?

“Welcome to heck, nerds”