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Windows XP Downgrader Revision 4 for Windows Vista RTM Escrow founded


I have founded a ISO published by a unknown person (Not Microsoft). This revision was made before Build 6000 was built. This only works with 58xx builds. However trying to run on RTM works after using a custom program that lies which version of windows is it running.


This wont work on Windows XP. However CONTINUE.DEBUG was made for Stuck-on-Longhorn Computers which tries to downgrade to Windows XP.


(Update: The people at Atom Smasher seems to hate having their pictures on other sites causing this useless YSOD thing it has been saved and now everything should now work)

Pre-release Office 2003 (Office 11) founded with interesting things


Thinking smile After some deep-finding on some rare Microsoft Office beta archive site. I founded something that was 99% close to the released version. However they had different icons. Like this screenshot here.

Few apps had the final version icon. Such as InfoPath. Speaking of InfoPath. this version showed a different about image:


This is very confusing has Office 2003 Beta 2 still has the same final bitmaps. Did they forgot the change the bitmap in InfoPath? Eye rolling smile And the thing is that the splash does NOT show Beta unlike this screenshot:

Related image

Instand. It shows the final version.


Oh and i tried it and it works just like the final.





(I am not hating on Order Up!!)




Does the damn Live 2012 emoticons work or no Smile

RARE FIND: Windows Vista Beta OSDKS (Operating System Dev Kits)

When i was finding ISOs of super-rare Windows Vista betas. I founded this very weird file on a long forgotten forum. It has isos of OSDKS that were made to create new builds.


I even founded a OSDK Windows .NET Server 2003 Release Candidate which was used for very early pre-reset Longhorn builds) and a OSDK of a Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 beta which was used for builds like 5000)


They function somewhat differently than the built versions.


Heres a list of some of them.





Milestone3OSDK-Kit: Has a gadget maker tool

MS4OSDK: Updated gadget maker tool

MS4OSDK-Revision-1: Updated gadget maker tool. Has ability to toogle gadgets on and off.

MS4OSDK-Revision-2: Failed revision, Somewhat broken.

MS5OSDK: Only used for 4029.main.030619-0000. so the other Milestone 5 builds are built with an unknown version named MS4OSDK-Revision-3BETA

MS6OSDK-BETA: Beta version. only used in a unknown build after 4030.

Milestone6DevOS: Includes new DWM editor feature with a unfinished WinFS editor codenamed EditFS

Milestone6DevOS-Rev1: WinFS editor complety finished.

Milestone6DevOS-Rev2: Fixed a unknown glitch

Milestone7DevOS: Edited version of Milestone6DevOS-Rev3Beta

4074DEVOS (Codename Milestone7DevOS-Revision1): Unknown but seems to have more features related to Aero included.

Milestone8DEVOS: Somewhat broken.

DEV13TEST1: Seems to be based of Milestone8DEVOS. However doesnt work as it is missing a dll


Omega13DEV: Restarted OSDK. Has a Game Creator with a Aero editor.

Beta1Kit: Used for most late-Beta1 builds and Pre-Beta 2 Fork builds

Beta2Kit: For some bizzare reasons it seems that all Beta 2 builds were created in this kit. Also early Pre-RC1 builds are created in this kit.

PreRCkit: A upgraded version of Beta2Kit.

RC1kit: Removed useless functions

RC2kit: Rebranded RC1kit but with somewhat a new feature.

EscrowKIT: Used for RTM Escrow builds.

ReleaseKIT: Possibly used for finallising build 6000.

ServicePackKIT: used for SP1 and SP2 of Windows Vista


These run differently from the real builds of vista however i founded this very rare screenshot

This screenshot shows Beta2Kit patched to run Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5308. however explorer doesnt work and help software doesnt work.


Of course since Build 5308 and Beta2Kit are all different Operating Systems, Beta2Kit software doesnt work with 5308.