i wont be on msn anymore for a while/stop adding me

the reason i wont be on msn anymore for a while is technicly… i dont have very enough time of msn since i’m on discord, and i dont open msn,


first of all, can anyone can stop adding me? its annoying while i do most other things, i get tons of requests and i have like 70 contacts, i’m tried of that and i have now i 47% of chance of blocking you,

Why i’m inactive on MSN

so heres why.


  1. i’m mostly more on discord than msn since i find more people in servers such as the finobe one or the bob pony one
  2. it seems that i’m busy with more things
  3. i’m just playing OOOFFFFblox or playing on my Minecraft Wii U or just checking my miiverse
  4. i just think theres less users on msn (escargot server) than in discord.