The iPhone 7 WITH a built in headphone jack?!

So, I got recommended this video on YouTube, which I found very interesting…

This guy managed to install a headphone jack into an iPhone 7 which is pretty awesome.

Nature’s Window and its beauty (and also a tiny sprinkle of Kalbarri)

Oh dear, I’m 8+ months late to talk about my trip to Kalbarri. I generally procrastinate when it comes to telling people about my travels. Oh well, better time than never to start talking about it, I guess.

When I visited family in Geraldton during the Christmas break, I was delighted to go on a day trip to Kalbarri with my family. It was a one hour 45 minute to a two hour drive to Nature’s Window from Geraldton, which was pretty uncomfortable for me to be on. I really do not like long drives. Be careful of the bumpy road on the track to the venue for Nature’s Window as it was very intense, in my opinion.

The sights were beautiful and very interesting. The sand erosion landscapes were beautiful and a great sight to see. As seen in the panorama above, the general landscapes were stunning and went for miles and miles. I throughly enjoyed my time at Nature’s Window as it was a way to just relax and see some sights while on holiday. If you are going to the national park, PLEASE make sure you do wear some closed in shoes before going on the hiking trail. I wore thongs (flip flops for everyone else around the world) and I swear, I may have fell off if I was not extremely careful about getting around the trail.

With the rest of Kalbarri though, it was also impressive. I went to this awesome fish and chips place called the Kalbarri Café. The food (chips and burger) were really enjoyable and the place does also does other foods like pizza, which ultimately makes the cafe worth checking out for a quick bite to eat for your when hunger strikes.And you would think that chips would taste like any other chip? Wrong. Kalbarri Cafe surprised me with the very nice seasoning. When I went, it found out that it also had free Wi-Fi. The thing is though is that I am not sure if it was the café‘s, but it was strong enough to get a decent connection to the internet, which was pretty useful to have while I was eating my lunch.

As you can see, the reflection pool was a very lovely work of art.

After a delicious lunch, we decided to go to the Rainbow Jungle. It was awesome to see the parrots, the venue was amazing, especially the pool of reflection, it was a lovely work of art.

What else is there to talk about? Let’s see…

On our way home, we decided to stop off and look at more sights. Kalbarri is full of them! From Eagle Gorge, Pot Alley, Shell House and many other natural sights to see in Kalbarri and around, this was a great part of the trip to see as Kalbarri was near a beach, and to see what natural landscapes that can be created in this small world of ours.

Eagle Gorge

Pot Alley

Shell House

The whole trip was amazing, and frankly, I am happy I decided to just go to Kalbarri, because it was an awesome experience for me and my family, because I was involved in different locations, getting out of my comfort zone of my computer and to this concept called the “real world”, which was really good to see, and was a great way to end my Christmas holiday up north, and it’s a personal record for me as well as this is the furtherest I’ve been far north, since Jurien Bay in 2011 and Geraldton in August 2016, so it was nice to see this record being increased, by a few kilometres, because it proves to me that I can get out there and have a look at this beautiful world we do live in.

That’s what holidays are about – going to see different places, for a different point of view in this world. There are many places that just stop people from their everyday lives and people just get stunned and amazed by that. This world is meant to be explored. Get out of your house and do something with your life and see this beautiful world. You will see beautiful sights, interesting people. Your next adventure has to start, even if it’s 40 minutes away from Perth or on the other side of the world, it’s worth it to have a look and see what you can do, to have a little change to your life with your holidays. If I can do it, you should be able to as well, because it’s so worth it at the end of the day, if you think about it.

How I almost broke my new phone

So, I recently got a used phone off a friend. It was a Galaxy S6 for an amazing price – $100. It was a hell of an upgrade from lugging two phones around – a Telstra Tempo, a crappy carrier branded Android phone for SMS and calls and an iPhone 4, for everything else. Tempo was really crap and it had limited storage (4GB with 2GB of usable storage). so getting the S6 was a blessing.

The phone came rooted with Android Lollipop. I had no intention of keeping the root, so I uninstalled SuperSU with it’s “Full Unroot” option.


I decided to reboot the phone because I was impatient, like I said. I wanted to continue setting it up, and that’s where the problem comes up. The phone was just sitting on the boot logo.  after ten minutes of thinking “oh, it’s just continuing the unroot process” I knew something was up. I went into Android System Recovery on the phone BIOS and nothing. This was when I started looking on Google for solutions. I found a solution which told me to download the rom and Odin. Problem with that: the site that was doing the firmware downloads was down for maintenance (for free accounts, mind you)

I tried other websites that offer firmwares, but they were taking too long for my internet, so I found this tutorial video

It took two hours for the process to happen, but it worked in the end. I am happy with my new phone.

The major change to my blog?

Well – it’s been a while since i posted to my blog, and it feels good posting to it again and you might be wondering: why did i get redirected to “”? This is a project I have been working on called “Escargot Spaces”.

Escargot is pretty much the long-term replacement to the defunct servers of the old MSN Messenger application, I have decided to recreate “MSN Spaces” an old social network with its blogging and image sharing capabilities.

Hopefully you guys enjoy Escargot Spaces and it’s capabilities.

Just something I had to get off my mind…

People think that it is okay to judge a book by its cover. So for example, someone might look kind, but if you ask them to help them they might say “put a sock in it”, “you’re so annoying” and that kind of stuff. It can also happen to a kid with a mohawk, some piercings and they might be the nicest person in the world, but they get judged harshly by teachers, fellow peers and people in society. But why do people do that?

The stereotypical look of a person does not mean they act this way. It could be a cool trend that children and humans are doing, or just a mid-life crisis. These people who they get hassled, teased on or even be shamed upon. This “shaming” could lead to depression, anxiety, automatic assumptions or even worse — suicide. How would you feel if someone killed themselves because of what you said? This was a human being that you made them kill themself. You might think you are helping society, but you are really not.

Why are you not helping society? You are saying hurtful stuff to a human being who might not act this way. Think about it, they are just humans like me and you. They can make the world if you give them a chance. A chance to do well and a chance to live a life. They can find a cure for cancer, solve world hunger or even stop global warming.

So, the next time you see a person who looks like a rebel or rude, treat them with respect. Who knows, they might be your next boss at work. So, think about your actions the next time you see a person who looks like a rude person. We are one world. Be nice.

iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch announced!

On the September 9th Apple event, they announced the new flagship phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
The features include:
o 1080p (6 Plus) and 750p (6) Retina HD Display
o NFC for Apple Pay
o Better cellular connection
o New design

Apple has also released the Apple Watch. Here are the features:
o Proprietary OS known as Watch OS
o Heart rate sensor (cough Samsung Gear cough)
o Digital Crown (as a home button and scroll wheel)

o Different versions (Sport and Edition

o Force Touch Technology

o Tactile feedback notifications


WWDC 2014: iOS 8 Announced!

Also in SanFran, apple released iOS 8. Here is what they announced:

  • Interactive Notifications for easier responding
  • Multitasking having recent people you contacted
  • Safari has sidebar and tabs on iPad
  • Flagging and unread marking done with gestures
  • Swipe down gesture to have access your email while composing
  • Spotlight to do features like Yosemite
  • QuickType supports predictive typing.
  • Continuity also on iOS 8
  • Messages has group messaging with renamable titles and do not disturb and leave thread
  • Also, attachments are bundled
  • Tap to talk on messages
  • Add/delete contacts allowed
  • Device enrollment program automatically configures iPad and iPhone
  • VIP threads give notifications for lock screen
  • Health app provided on iOS with mayo clinic and Nike+
  • Family sharing to share calendar and media, apps
  • Photos are on all devices all edits and albums are on iCloud photo library with new editing tools

WWDC 2014: OS X Yosemite Announced!

Today in san fransico, Apple released OS X Yosemite. Here is what they changed during the announcements:

  • iOS 7 inspired interface with that awesome trashcan in the dock
  • Includes a black theme for OS X.
  • Notification Center has a today screen and has a widget editor for today.
  • Spotlight has a new interface with a big bar in the middle of the display with auto complete with local and search.
  • iCloud Drive announced which is on iOS and Windows, too!
  • New Mail app includes mail drop which gives a link to the attachment. Includes Markup to doodle over the attachment (still)
  • Safari also has an iOS like makeover with subscribing to rss easier. Tab View gives a view to all apps. All private and non-private separate.
  • Conitunity – you can pick up where you left off on iPad and Mac. WiFi instant hotspot with iphone. SMS and phone call is now on mac with iphone as well.
  • And it’s free!
  • So, Yosemite seems awesome and it will be a beast for productivity. Stay tuned for the iOS 8 post!

Get Ready for WWDC 2014 Updates!

I will be doing blog posts for news for WWDC 2014. It will be just the keynote (product announcements, OS X, and new iOS.) I will be watching the keynote and doing news updates. (not instantly right after the keynote)