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I’m Trying to Make This Blog Look Better…

As you may have noticed, I have changed the theme of this blog. I’m trying to change the colours of the text and stuff, but it won’t let me.

Maybe later I might add some images to the sidebar to make it look more lively. I added some music, because I like sharing my weird music taste with others.

I may start looking at other themes you can download on the web for this site, but I think you have to fill out a form to actually put on on your blog, since I think Escargot Spaces doesn’t allow you to import themes.

Hopefully everybody’s having a nice day!



The iPhone X

Today I watched that video for that new iPhone that should be coming out sometime in November. Personally, I don’t like the design of the newer iPhones that much, even though I do like how shiny they are on the back. For some reason I like phones that are basic and old, because I’m weird in that way.

The iPhone X (I guess they decided not to call it the iPhone 8…) looked really high-tech to me, I don’t know why. The design looked like something from the future, but I didn’t really like it. The screen literally takes up the entire device, which is weird to me, because I’m used to having buttons underneath the screen.

The camera looked cool. I didn’t like how the lens was really huge, but I guess it has to be huge to fit all of the stuff that makes it great inside. One of the things I thought were cool about the iPhone 7 when I messed around with one in the Apple Store was the camera. It just seemed so clear, and had lots of different settings on it. My favourite camera mode was the portrait mode. Maybe the camera is actually really crappy, but to me it seems amazing, since I’m used to using the camera on my iPhone 5C, which is kind of outdated now, and my old Nokia Lumia 630 had the worst camera in the world.

The face unlocking feature seemed interesting. I’m sure I had a friend with an Android phone which could do that, though. That thing probably only used the camera, whereas this iPhone feature scanned your face with a laser thingy or something. They even showcased a feature where you can animate emoticons using your face. I don’t care for emojis, (I even deleted them off of my phone) but that feature looked cool. It might not even be available when the phone is actually released, though.

I think this fancy new phone even comes with a new version of iOS, because the icons that it had on the screen looked updated. They obviously have to do that, otherwise the new features on this device wouldn’t be supported.

I will probably never get one of these, because they’ll be really expensive, as Apple products always are, and because I don’t need a new phone. When it comes out, I’m sure there will be lots of kids in my school whose parents will buy it for them, even if they already have a brand new iPhone 7 that they only got a few months ago.

I don’t really follow the releases of brand new mobile phones, so maybe this thing isn’t that technologically advanced, and there’s probably an Android phone which can do more than this. I did see a Samsung in a shop the other day where the screen almost took up the entire phone, like this iPhone did…

The only phones I really want are outdated Windows Phones, and that crappy Motorola ROKR phone from over ten years ago, only because it has disco lights on the side…

Anyway, there’s my post for today. I only really proof-read the first paragraph, so there’s probably loads of errors in here. At least I actually made a post on this blog!


(I hope this entire video for this new phone wasn’t fake or just a concept…)



I Messed Up My Wii Console…

What I’m about to write about happened months ago, but I don’t really care. I just want to post this because I want to see if someone can help me with this problem. Yahoo Answers didn’t help me at all with this.

One day, I was messing around in the system settings on my Wii, when I came to what I think was the “TV Type” option. I selected a different option to what I already had. The screen then went black, and my television displayed the message “Mode not supported”.

I tried resetting my Wii console through many different ways, but that didn’t work. I even tried something that was written in the Wii System Manual, but that didn’t work either.

Surely Nintendo must have created some way to fix this? It really sucks, because I really love my Wii, and I wanted to try to attempt to connect to RiiConnect24 again.


What Should I Do With My Old GeoCities Page?

I know I changed the hosting service of Misty’s World to NeoCities, but I still have an entire GeoCities Japan site left with 100 wonderful megabytes of space, which is taking up space on some server somewhere, so I think I should put it to use for something.

I’m not really sure what to use it for. An MLP fan page? A backup of my existing website? Hopefully I’ll think of something.

Most of the site that was there when I moved it to NeoCities is still there. It looks really terrible compared to what Misty’s World looks like now.

The only problem with it is the annoying Japanese advertisements, but I guess that’s what comes up on your webpage if you don’t pay for anything.

I don’t know how to end this post, so, goodbye…


EDIT: I think I have an idea for a new webpage. I put it on GeoCities, but then the adverts ruined the page, so I might have to set up a new NeoCities account for this… What a waste of 100MB.


I haven’t posted on here in a while, but I’ve been updating my NeoCities page a lot. Today I made a special page just for my favourite Pokémon, Eevee, just because I can.

The page looks very much like a website from the 90s, using GIFs from GIFCities.org, and Comic Sans. I usually don’t like using that font, but I thought it would look good on this page.

Oh, if you want to visit it, you can by clicking here!



The New Blog Design

I changed the theme of the blog from the default WordPress one to “Emesen” (I hope I spelled that right!) by Nintel, and it looks awesome! Some people don’t like their websites looking like they were from the early 2000s, but I really like that style.

I might have to add some images on the side bar, and maybe change the blue colour, if possible, to make my blog look a bit more distinctive.


Just a Little Idea…

I was going to post this on the Messenger Geek forum, but I wasn’t sure if I should…

I was just wondering, would it be possible to connect old Yahoo! Messenger versions to the Escargot Server?

Yahoo discontinued the use of these versions not too long ago, and now people have to use the new version, which is a piece of garbage.  They literally just copied and pasted the web version onto the desktop client!

My computer programming knowledge is rather basic, so I don’t know if this would be possible or not. It might be hard to be able to make cross-client messaging between MSN and YM work. (What would happen if somebody on MSN sent a wink to somebody using Yahoo?)

I think that Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger once had cross-client messaging with each other, but that got discontinued…

The older clients of YM look very aesthetically pleasing, at least to me. I don’t think anybody else really cares about Yahoo anymore,  so probably nobody wants to see this messaging program revived.

I know somebody posted in the forum recently about reviving AIM. MSN Messenger is the main focus of this Escargot project, so YM probably isn’t a major concern for people at the moment.

Maybe I should learn a language other than HTML, so I could patch Yahoo Messenger myself?

I Don’t Know What to Title This As…

I have a shitty website that is hosted on geocities.yahoo.co.jp, but there are way too many advertisements on it for my liking. I’m trying to find another simple, free hosting service that just lets you upload and edit HTML files, but I have found none that fit the bill.

I’m also having trouble finding out how to use Escargot Spaces with Windows Live Writer.


Sorry, I just felt like writing this here, because I don’t know what else to write.


Have a great day!



Hi. Welcome to my Escargot Spaces blog. I probably won’t post on here too often. I have other blogs, but they are all dead.

I’m currently typing this on my old Windows XP Netbook. It’s usually pretty slow, but it’s working fine on this website.