Nostalgia Network


Welcome to Nostalgia Night! Where we turn back the clock to the age of Saturday Mornings. We have a line up of Toons, anime, and some Live Action stuff. So Grab a bowl of your favorite overly Sugar Filled Cereal, sit back, and watch some Nostalgic shows from the days of ole.

A few rules:

Basic BT rules, don’t be a dick and all.

WE ARE EXCLUSIVELY USING DUBS! I know this is gonna get brought up, but we are going to be doing dubs only. Why? Well simple really. Back in the days of Toonami and the Fox Box, we didn’t have the ability to find neat little subtitled versions of our favorite anime. if you wanted to watch anime, you had to either watch the dub, or not watch it at all. And that’s what we’re trying to recapture here. That feeling of childhood excitement of watching Dragonball Z for the first time. so if you wanna complain about it not being the Subbed version, shut up and deal with it. those who complain with be warned. I will only use subs if I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.


I’m not sure I have to say this, but please don’t spoil shows people haven’t seen. I know a lot of these shows are old as fuck, but it’s just a general thing where we want to give people a chance to make their own opinion on a show.



Yes, just like Ponies on BT. I will be holding polls on shows. The rules for that will go as follows:

At the end of a shows run, we will hold a poll on whether it holds up.

If the show has MULTIPLE seasons, like a lot of these shows will have, at the end of certain shows storylines, Such as a Doctor’s run, the end of the Mighty Morphin run, we will poll to see if a show will end early. This will have to be a 2/3rds vote to end a show early, and a show can always be brought back. ALWAYS.

If a show IS brought back, we bring it back EXACTLY where it left off.


Also when a show ends, if it has a movie, we will modabuse the movie in the end of the block, no exceptions….but only the first movie….I’m looking at you Pokemon.


also I do plan on making Drink calls. Be ready. and remember HAIL HYDRATE!