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August 2018




Testing Live Writer 2008.


Program Review: Escargot Explorer

Here’s my review of Escargot Explorer, by, your virus maker, Alejandro Cermelo.

Let’s get on with this review, it is a shitty MSN Explorer wannabe, albeit being in Spanish.

It doesn’t do logins via a database.

It’s also an obvious IE container.

It also uses the Office theme library.

Also, the creator ACTUALLY OBFUSCATED the source code, so basically it’s OVERALL BULLSHIT.

So, The first program before I started to get better on programming, was meant to be intentionally shitty, because it was meant to mock shitty programmers (Cermelo is the worst offender).

This review was made by your angry programmer neighbor, sswag412.

Over and out.

Forums, just the stuff

I know everything about the sacred MessengerGeek forum. As is, there could be some drama, usually TReKiE bans that user which caused the drama, just for teaching the user a lesson. Lesson learnt, forums can also be drama prone.

Wave 2 theme


Thanks! Smile with tongue out

~ sswag412