pre-release test

ok lol i’m actually trying k lol

Nice to see Spaces again after its random shutdown.

Well, lets just hope it never happens again…

Even More MSN Old Tab icons for the StuffPlug-NG tab manager!

More icons for StuffPlug-NG Tab Manager!

nevermind, escargot be fine.

Original Title: “Escargot News: it broke again (also on webpage)”

the nice feeling of trying to send a IM message to your friends, while the server just went down…

it’s stupid, as you can tell, escargot went down again, always, the webpage still exists during a crash of the normal MessengerServer1 that is better known as this time, this downtime took the webpage down, this means some type of a server error/crash happened just then.

I’m sure the Forums will already be filling with stressed people trying to logon to escargot, even if the person internet is not bad, well i’m soory, but this time, the full-on thing went down, atleast spaces is still up.

Escargot MSN Emoticons

i made this with deathlife23, i did styling, screenshot below:

the Screenshot is not new, the current version is at

Classic MSN Messenger Tab Icons (for use with StuffPlug-NG’s Tab Manager)

(in Order of colour (green is first, then red))

finally, how to customize your custom card starter package

so you start by extracting this file to somewhere:

Custom Contact Card for Starters

then you open the directory “res”

edit buddy_default.png (96×96 px) to your wanted Profile Picture, then if you want to change “card_filp” & “close_x” to different colours

then if you want your photos section customized…

change image(1-6).png (each 24×24 px) to whatever you want it to be, if you dont want a photo to be in that slot, copy “imageload.png” then paste it, then delete the unwanted photo solt, then rename “imageload (1).png” to “image(1-6).png”

next customize your theme, then lets get on to colours!!!

so Dark red is BG, Green is Boxes BG, and blue / red (hovered over) is link-text.


so use F12/DevTools to find the colours you want to change, then open the file that the colour rule is in, then edit the colour line (Hex Colours) to a colour you want there instead.

go look at my contact card

extract and open contactcard.html